Friday, August 25, 2006

What a sweetie!

I know that every mom thinks her child is the sweetest, cutest, most beautiful, best baby ever...but mine really is. Yesterday was Kinley's 15-month doctor's visit, and she was wonderful. She behaved so well while we were waiting for the doctor and nurses to come in and was so patient with everything they did to her. She didn't take her eyes off of them though! She just had this really serious look most of the time :) She weighed 25lb, 10oz and was 32 1/8" long. In the 90th percentile! She had dipped down on the growth charts at her last visit, but she caught up again this time. She is where she should be developmentally (he asked if she could speak 5-8 words. um...yes?!?!?!?!?) and he said that everything is GREAT. When it was time for her yucky shot, she only whimpered--even better than I do when I have to get a shot :) SO...as a reward for her bestest behavior...we went to the toy store :) I know, I know...we don't condone giving material rewards for everything under the sun, and she doesn't get a treat every time we go to town...but yesterday she definitely deserved it.
Anyway. (Why do I feel the need to defend myself on my own blog?) She and I left the doctor's office and stopped for a snack. Her thoughts: Hello? French fries with cheese? Why didn't you guys tell me my two favorite foods could be combined? Every time I would hand one back, she would just giggle. So sweet. We went to a scrapbook store (bought nothing, boo hoo) and then on to the mall. We walked in the toy store and I spotted it--a Fisher Price tea set! I held it out to her and her eyes got big...then she wanted to hold it so she rode through the rest of the store with her arms wrapped around this huge box and her cheek laid on it. Once we got home and opened it, she immediately began to stir and pour! She was playing with it when Granna and Papa walked in. She ran to see them, smiled, and then ran back into the living room, pointing at her new tea set! It was the first time she has ever really "showed off" something that she had, and we loved it. I was so glad that she was so excited about her new toy. She even ate her fruit snacks out of the cups last night, using the little spoons. The snacks were put into the spoons with fingers more often than not (those little spoons are deep! Hard to manipulate) but she was happy nonetheless.
The other sweet thing she did yesterday was to play in my ribbon box. I love ribbons, just like every other scrapbooker right now, but mine aren't organized by color into pretty glass jars just yet :) They are in a clear rubbermaid shoe box, and when Kinley saw all of the colors, she just had to play. My mom took the top off for her, and immediately she dug those little hands in. She picked them up and started to put them around her neck! She had ribbons hanging all over her. Of course, I do have pictures--will try to post those this weekend. So cute!
Just a few more Kinley moments from yesterday--just so that I will remember--her first pigtails down on the sides of her head, buying a purple polo shirt and short denim skirt to wear with her purple Crocs, trying on blue jeans and giggling together, dropping her fan at the football game and looking under the bleachers with Tanner saying "uhoh", watching the band and learning to cheer with the cheerleaders.
I know that ALL of our days are sweet with our little ones...it just seems that some are sweeter. I have been blessed beyond measure and far beyond what I deserve with my daughter, and I want to try every day to remember that, to take time with her, and to be thankful for every moment. And not only that, to remember and record what God is teaching me about Himself through allowing me to be her parent.

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! --Matthew 7:11


J.R. Dilbeck said...

hey lisa, this jr dilbeck. just messing around on the computer and happened to see your posts. How are things going? its been a long time i guess. I'm back in alabama now. My email is curtisloew33@hotmail.com. I am teaching and coaching at priceville now.

Theresa Marie said...

NO WAY!!!! YOU HAVE A STINKIN BLOG AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME?!?!?!?! YES - I am yelling at you!!!! :P

Lisa - I miss you so much! Did you ever receive the card I sent you?!

I will be reading your blog now! It's added to my faves :)

Love ya girl and kiss that cutie pie of yours for me!

Amy said...

Love that verse! :)